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Oakland police believe that a headless, limbless torso found near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Wednesday afternoon has been in the water for at least a month and on the rocks for a couple of days, based on the rate of its decomposition.

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This does not rate as the freakiest thing we've heard about. The weirdest torso killer stories come from the Kingsbury Run killer. The police searched some ponds near McKee's Rocks for bodies after a bunch of heads, arms and other things kept turning up in Cleveland.

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“The Night Stalker” was the name given to Richard Ramirez, who murdered 14 people and terrorized Los Angeles in the summer of 1985. The movie centers on an attorney, played by Young, who travels to San Quentin on a seemingly impossible mission to clear the name of a death row inmate in Texas whom she believes has been wrongly accused of additional murders that may have been perpetrated by Ramirez.

New “The Night Stalker” movie will air on June 12, 2016 and star Lou Diamond Phillips

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When the body of the man with the tattoo of the Virgin Mary spread across his back was found on the shore in Brooklyn, his face was wrapped in duct tape and his feet were encased in concrete, the police said.

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Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., a one-time garbage truck driver and LAPD garage attendant, was found guilty Thursday of murdering nine women and one girl over a span of three decades, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in California history.

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Judge granted a new trial to the convicted killer. The trial will begin sometime this fall. This was the same murder that some speculated involved former Congressman Gary Condit. He was eventually exonerated, but too little too late for his political career.

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