The Killer List of American Killers
Name Designation Date of Birth # Victims Short Description
Albert Hicks The Last Pirate 3+ Born: 1820. hanged for murder and piracy.
Alfred Gaynor Serial Killer 9 Born: 1967. Serial Strangler.
Andrew Wurst Juvenile Killer 1 Born: 1983. Parker Middle school dance shooting.
Antoine LeBlanc Murderer 3 Born: 1800. His skin was turned into book covers and wallets
Anton Probst Deering Farm Massacre 8 Born: 1848. Axe murderer.
Brnda Delgado Female Killer Jun 18 1982 1 Made the FBI's Most Wanted list
Burton Abbot Stephanie Bryan Killer Feb 08 1928 1 Executed on circumstantial evidense.
Clementine Barnebet The Voodoo Killer 17 Born: 1894. Ritualistic axe murderess.
Cordelia Botkin Female Killer 2 Born: 1854. One crazy cougar!
Courtney Dunkin Juvenile Killer Nov 15 1978 1 Paxill made her kill her grandmother.
Diego Pillco Adriene Shelly Killer 1 Born: 1987. She cught him stealing her purse.
Dorthy Ellington Juvenile Killer 1 Born: 1909. California's 'Jazz Girl' killed to party.
Felipe Espinosa The Colorado Territory Madman 32 Born: 1836. Killed white people who moved into the area.
Frank Reno The Reno Gang 6+ Born: 1837. Train robber turned killer.
Franklin Evans The Northwood Killer 5 Born: 1808. Perverts existed in 1850 and 1872.
George Pharaoh Pychopath 1 Born: 1831. Killed a woman for a watch.
Gerald Parker The Bedroom Basher 5 Born: 1955. Beat his victims to death.
Hans Reiser Murderer Dec 19 1963 1 Computer nerd kills the mail-order bride.
Jack McCall Wild Bill Hickok Killer 1 Born: 1852. Never put your back to the door.
James Swann The Shotgun Killer 4 Born: 1964. Drive by shooter.
Jane Toppan Serial Killer 31 Born: 1857. First killer nurse in US.
Jim Mitchell Porn King of San Francisco Nov 30 1943 1 Killed his coked up brother.
Jonathan Carr The Wichita Massacre 5 Born: 1978. Born a Maniac!
Jquan Scott Craigslist Killer Copycat 1 Born: 1994. THIS ASSHOLE KILLED MY FRIEND ALEX!!!
Kate Bender The Bloody Benders 18+ Born: 1850. First Highwaywoman in US.
Lillian Thornman Juvenile Killer 1+ Born: 1893. Burned children to death on the stove.
Louis Hastings McCarthy Massacre, Arkansas 6 Born: 1944. Went on a shooting spree in Alaska.
Lydia Sherman The Derby Poisoner 6+ Born: 1824. She poisoned everyone.
Marcus Wesson Fresno Massacre Aug 22 1946 9 Murdered nine of his own children.
Micajah Harpe The Harpe Brothers 40+ Born: 1768. The Great American Highwayman.
Micheal Hughes Serial Killer 7+ Born: 1956. Just snatched girls from L.A. streets.
Micheal Jace Former Actor Jul 13 1962 1 Shot and killed his wife.
Mikail Markhasev Ennis Cosby Killer 1 Born: 1979. Had no idea who he had killed.
Narcy Novak Ben Novak Killer 2 Born: 1947. Greedy, angry, sexy, CRAZY!
Omaima Nelson Female Killer 1 Born: 1969. Self defense gone bad!
Peter Kudzinowski Serial Killer 3+ Born: 1903. Was killing at the same time as Albert Fish.
Rachel Wall The Female Pirate of Boston 2 Born: 1760. The last woman hanged on Boston Commons.
Randolph Dial Murderer Sep 26 1944 1 Lived on the run for 11 years.
Reginald Carr The Wichita Massacre 5 Born: 1980. Born a Maniac!
Ricardo Caputo The Lady Killer 4+ Born: 1949. #1 on FBI Most Wanted List
Robert Nixon Brick-Bat Murderer 5 Born: 1919. Brick was his weapon of choice.
Roger Kibbe The I-5 Killer 7+ Born: 1941. Killed women between 17 and 26 yrs. old.
Samuel Green The Terror of New England 28 Born: 1796. Highwayman and river pirate.
Theodore Durrant The Demon of the Belfry 2 Born: 1871. Liked killing girls and hiding them in church.
Thomas Piper The Boston Belfry Murderer 4+ Born: 1849. Liked killing girls and hiding them in church.
Tillie Klimek Serial Killer 6 Born: 1876. Claimed psychic powers to predict death.
Vaughn Greenwood Skid Row Slasher 11 Born: 1944. Killed homeless guys with a knife.
Wiley Harpe The Harpe Brothers 40+ Born: 1770. The Great American Highwayman.
William Leasure Rogue Cop 3+ Born: 1947. Committed every crime from fraud to murder.
Nicole Abusharif Lesbian Love Triangle Murder Sep 14 1980 1 She got a new girlfriend.
Christine Adewunmi Murderess Sep 25 1974 3 Killed all of her 3 children, then herself.
Ricky Albeyta Chimayo Massacre Mar 03 1962 7 Mass murderer in New Mexico.
Charles Albright The Dallas Ripper Aug 10 1933 3 Surgically removed victims eyes.
Rodney Alcala The Dating Game Killer Aug 23 1943 8 This crazy f**k was on the Dating Game.
Aaron Alexis Washington Navy Yard Shooter May 09 1979 13 2nd worst shooting on a military base.
Floyd Allen Hillsville Massacre Jul 05 1856 5 Killed everyone in the courtroom.
Howard Arthur Allen Serial Killer Feb 10 1949 3 burglar, arsonist. Killed the elderly.
Wanda Allen Murderess Aug 17 1959 2 Killed her lesbian girlfriends.
Clay Allison Gunfighter Sep 02 1840 15 Never killed anyone who didn't need it.
Albert Anastasia Murder, Inc. Hitman Sep 26 1902 7+ Organized crime Hitman.
Richard Angelo The Angel of Death Aug 29 1962 4 Serial Killer Nurse.
Richard Angelo Serial Killer Jun 02 1954 3 Serial Killer Nurse.
Jodi Arias Female Killer Jul 09 1980 1 She killed Travis Alexander ALOT.
John Eric Armstrong Serial Killer Nov 23 1973 18 Liked strangling prostitues.
Larry Ashbrook Wedgewood Baptist Church Massacre Jul 10 1952 7 I guess he didn't like religion.
Benjamin Atkins Woodward Corridor Killer Aug 26 1968 11 Another prostitute murderer.
Susan Atkins Tate / LaBianca Murders May 07 1948 9 Charles Mansons minion.
Steven Avery Killer Jul 09 1962 1 He killed Teresa Halbach!!!
Jennifer Bailey Juvenile Killer Oct 05 1990 1 Horrifying Murder pact teen.
Cullen M Baker Outlaw, Gunfighter Jun 23 1835 50+ May have killed hundreds.
Lena Baker Murderess Jun 08 1900 1 Killed her sexually abusive boss.
Texas Jim Baker The Inwood Serial Killer 8+ Born: 1903. A male poisoner. Killed to watch men die.
Anthony Balaan The Trenton Strangler Jul 09 1965 4 Murdered prostitues.
Joseph Ball The Butcher of Elmendorf Jan 06 1892 22 Killed girlfriends, wives and friends.
Gertrude Baniszewski Female Killer Sep 19 1929 1 The most evil crazy lady ever!
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